Monday, 15 February 2010

the fear

She pushed open the door, and peered into the Dark.
"I can't see you," she whispered.
(She couldn't remember why you took away her Light, and left her there, faltering.)
"You promised I'd find you here."
(She didn't know you were afraid.)

The door shut quietly behind her.
And you were the one left alone.


  1. Hey. I've got a Rock Star Blogger Award for you on my blog. Come see. I think you deserve it :D

  2. oh wow, thanx Flying Stars :) on behalf of both the artist and myself, we are truly honoured!

  3. Ditto my writer... truly honoured! Thank you thank you! Keep reading and telling us what you think :)

  4. Hi,

    We'd appreciate it if since, as you commented on I Wrote This For You, our work inspired yours, that you put a statement to that fact somewhere on the page.


    Or even just the banner like here

    I know you aren't doing anything like this for example (which we had nothing to do with and they stole our entire identity) but still we do ask.

    I look forward to continuing to read what you guys do <3


  5. Thanks for stopping by Iain! It's not that often that we actually get to interact with our muses :)

    The banner's been added to the side of the page.

  6. You guys are awesome.

    I'm planning on putting a list of inspired projects on the side of the page soon, you'll definitely be on it.


  7. Wow. I know I speak for the writer and myself saying... actually, no, we're both just speechless. When we stop grinning long enough to speak coherently again, we'll thank you endlessly - truly honoured that you think we're good enough to go on your list.. Much gratitude :)

  8. Really proud of you guys:) Keep the inspiration flowing...