Tuesday, 4 May 2010

the mistake

There's a moment when you can't remember how you got here. 
Why you came here at all. Did you make these choices?
So much easier when there's someone else to blame.
But you're standing here, so you must have. And now you can't quite remember how to breathe.

But there's nowhere else to go.


  1. This one speaks straight to my uneasy heart. And it makes everything bubble to the surface so that tears linger in the corners of my eyes. And the hardest part is the limbo, not knowing, can't go back but can't go forward. Yeah, what a bitch!

  2. oh can I use it on my blog, of course with some link love and citing the correct author? 'Cos somehow you've expressed what I feel while my words seem to have gone AWOL.

  3. Of course you can use it :) glad to have supplied the words..