Wednesday, 14 July 2010

the memento

he still remembered every detail
the way the water looked
the way the trees tilted in the slight summer breeze
the way, for once, even the hoards of tourists didn't vex her
the way those books smelt.
and now he's alone. but the memory still takes him there.
when the waters move
when the trees dance
when the tourists laugh. and their cameras flash.
when he falls upon a random page
and the scent is like a portkey back


  1. Ooh is that South Bank? Portkey!! Love it so! :)

  2. yeh, a Mash pic of bootiful southbank :))

    and JK just has the most perfect recyclable words!

  3. for those Muggles out there [ie non-Harry Potter types] who are asking themselves what a "portkey" is:

  4. One should never accept Muggles. Just Harrynatics waiting to happen

    Old songs are great portkeys that act as emotional barometers too

  5. 'harrynatics' nice :)

    true about old songs nooj. sometimes, a moment gets engraved in music - and stays forever intertwined..